Why Your Cat Needs A Cardboard Cat House, Now!

This is a hack that can help your pet live a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

You recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles, you’ve donated your used clothes to charity, and you’ve even switched to reusable tote bags when you go grocery shopping… We choose to go green because we know the positive impacts it has to sustain our environment. While we’re all busy trying our best to reduce our carbon footprint, there seems to be one member of the household who isn’t doing their part yet — and that’s your feline friend!

Yes, The Cat Is Guilty

According to research, a cat’s carbon cost is equivalent to that of a small Volkswagen! Shocking.

You may think cats are animals and thus naturally environmental-friendly. But the reality is, as much as we love our cats, domesticated cats live in our material world. By depending on man-made products, be it plastic-filled toys or preservative-laden cat food, our cats have unconsciously leave quite a carbon footprint (or should I say paw print).

How To Make Positive Change ?

Don’t fret just yet! Luckily for you, our feline friends can easily go green with a few simple tricks. In addition, these changes can be done without significantly altering or compromising their lifestyle! I promise you that becoming eco-friendly wouldn’t risk the debut of a grumpy cat.

There are several ways for our cats to lessen their cardboard pawprint. From switching to organic food, litter, and even toys. But one of the best methods to make a positive impact is to get your cat a cardboard cat house! What better way to do our part for the environment than to upgrade your cat’s sleeping style with an all-natural cat tent!

Your Cat Will Thank You (Somehow)

Aside from saving mother Earth, cat owners seek for quality cat tents simply because their cats love it!

We’re all aware that our cats can be super picky at times (if not all the time). But cats are not complicated creatures. They simply know how to differentiate what they like and dislike — and they really like having their own personal space. A cat tent will satisfy your cat’s instinctive needs by giving them a place that they can call their own. Just make sure that no one else intrudes their privacy!

Environment Friendly, Cost Friendly

There are many benefits to a cardboard cat house. The ones you find on TroppiPets are made up of 100% recycled and non-toxic materials. They are easy to set up, take up less room, easy to clean, and convenient for travel. The best part though… cat tents are super affordable! Buying sustainable products almost always helps you save money, especially in the long run.

But make sure to invest in one that is functional and durable!

Accommodating your feline friend with a cardboard cat house is one of the best choices you can make as a thrifty cat owner and go green warrior. If you haven’t already gotten a cat tent, what are you waiting for?

Saving the planet can start with just one cat, so take the first paw step today!

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