Why cats love to chew plastic and why it’s important not to let them do it!

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

At first glance it may seem that a chewing habit many cats have is completely harmless and in most cases it really is. Yet every pet owner should be acknowledged about the reasons of what makes cats chew different stuff like plastic pieces and plastic bags to understand possible risks as understanding the behavior of your feline friend will help you to secure its health and safety.

Even though normally cats enjoy chewing plastic as they are entertained by its good taste or a sounds they might like there are few abnormal reasons of this.

If you are noticing your cat being obsessed with chewing you should look into possible teeth problems of your cat as the process of chewing provides a great pain relief especially during teething. This period takes place when your kitten is between 3,5 – 7 month of age and its absolutely normal. Yet if your cat is older and you suspecting it might have some teeth problems you should visit a veterinarian.

It’s very important for every pet owner to control things that are reachable for your cat.

Small items like:

- rubber bands

- plastic lids

- milk jug rings and so on. could be eaten accidentally.

It’s very dangerous for cats life as it might lead to surgery or endoscopy or even choking hazard so make sure to keep such stuff away!

That's why by creating cats cardboard house for indoor pets we want to make sure that all of the materials that we used, will be safe for your fur friend. 100% recyclable cardboard and water-based inc printing let your pet chew with no worries!

Happy Chew with Troppipets!

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