Two Things We Know About Cats: They Love Warmth And Cardboard

Blog post by Lady Bee posted on PETSLADY.COM January 20, 2020

Why not let them dream they're in the tropics in these cozy tropical hideouts by TroppiPets? By sun...

TroppiPets Cardboard Cat Teepees ...and by starlight.

TroppiPets Cardboard Cat Teepees If your first inclination, like mine, was to say, "No, they're too small for my cat," wait.... The TroppiPets hold cats and other animals under 25 pounds very comfortably. So most likely, the TroppiPets will be just fine for your large kitty.

Perhaps you are wondering, "How do I know if these materials are healthy for my cat?" TroppiPets answers that question too! Or you may want to know, "How can the TroppiPets keep my cats warm?" Well, it happens that cats are fond of cardboard for two reasons: one is that its uniquely scratchable and the other is that cardboard is an insulating material. Cardboard is very slow to release any heat in its environment! (see) Aren't cats smart? The teepee is a perfect shape for cats to hide; they can see out, but you can't see in very well, so cats really can get the privacy they want in the TroppiPet. TroppiPets arrive at your door flattened, but they get into shape really fast with your help....

TroppiPets Cardboard Cat Teepees And TroppiPets comes with a comfy pillow in just the right size... with a washable cover.

TroppiPets Cushion Just watch this kitty cotton to her TroppiPets Teepees.

Pretty neat, huh? That's the buzz for today! Lady Bee

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