Difference between cat's and dog's love for cardboard

Always been wondering why cats and dogs love cardboard so much? Wherever they see any box, paper, piece of cardboard even tissue or store receipts laying around the house they will jump right into it. But they response for the cardboard for both pet is different. What's the reason?

let's first find out reasons cats love and dogs love for the cardboard. What they have in common and why.

Reasons Cats love Cardboard


The most well know reason is that cats feel safe in boxes. They are predatory, cryptic animals, using the boxes as cover while stalking their pray. These natural instincts can be kept “sharp” in our house cats by providing them this coverage. 

When other animals or predators can’t approach them from behind or the sides, they feel safe. This is what a den or cave would provide in the wild. With cats sleeping 18-20 hours a day, they need a safe place to rest their fluffy heads.

Stress Relief

The sense of security your feline feels from the safe space greatly helps reduce their stress.

When cats and kittens are introduced to new locations or other felines, stress levels are sure to rise.

Having a hiding spot can help reduce stress while scoping out their new territory.

Stressed cats can experience many health risks that lead to behavioral issues. These can include urinating outside the litter box, over-grooming, digestive issues, depression and aggression. If a simple box can help avoid these issues, I’ll happily cover my home with them!

Stimulating Smells

This theory can be traced back to natural feline instincts before they were (happily) domesticated. Primarily living outdoors and hunting in the wild, most of their food sources came from wooded areas.

Simply, forests have trees, paper is made from tree pulp, cardboard is made from paper.

The smells associated with paper may remind them of these desirable wooded areas. The smell of the plant based cardboard gets those taste kicks in.

Reasons Dogs love Cardboard

Instincts and Boredom

Dog could just be plain out bored. And, when dogs are bored, they will find themselves something to do. And the cardboard can be a good source of chewing and entertainment. Right? The cardboard, or paper, could also be an instinct thing. Hear me out. When paper or cardboard is shredded, could you imagine it feeling like feathers in their mouth?

Seeking attention

If your dog ate cardboard or another type of paper, he could just be seeking attention or trying to entertain himself. In many cases, the dog will start by shredding the paper and inadvertently end up eating some.

If your dog is bored, he could be ripping up and eating paper just to entertain himself the same way some dogs do when they shred shoes or destroy furniture. Similarly, if he doesn't think he's getting enough attention from you, he could just start trying to rip up your papers to get you to chase him.