20 Seriously Magical Cat Cardboard Houses You Can Buy on Amazon

Blog post by ByEmilie Bess on ROVER.COM

TROPPIPETS: We been included in the list as one of the Magical cardboard cat houses

Have you ever opened up a new cat toy just to have your cat ignore it in favor of the box it came in? Facts are facts: cats love boxes. Boxes are great hiding spots, superb hunting blinds, and sitting in a box might even feel like getting a hug. So why not celebrate your cat’s box obsession and brighten up your home decor at the same time?

As we go into the chillier months, your cat might love a fancy new box to cozy up in. Whether you choose a holiday theme or a modular modern feel, each of these special cat habitats (catitats?) is sure to be a magnet to your favorite feline.

5. Modern Cat Furniture by troppipets

Tuck this kitty pod amongst your house plants and Tiger will feel like she’s in the jungle.

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