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About Us 

Designed to be the answer to a need for a truly safe accessory for your best friend, now you don't have to be worry by knowing that our Troppipets Pet House is 100% made with eco-friendly materials and water-based paint. And is completely harmless for your cat. Unlike other manufactured cathouses that leave you feeling worried about whether or not all parts are safe, feel confident that you’re buying from the place that makes the health and safety of your cherished family member our top priority.


Scientific studies show that cats are happier with a place to hide. The Troppipets house can lead to a reduction in your cats stress levels as well as increasing their overall contentment and joy. Your cat will love that you gave them a place to realize their natural instincts and unwind.


Cat Bed, Canada

This house can also be a way to bond with your cat through play. Playing hide-and-seek, catch and combining the house with other toys gives your cat a chance to feel wild while increasing the bond it feels with you.

The stylish design of the house is only outmatched by its function. Not only a hideout for your cat, but you can also enjoy it too. Its easy-to-clean laminated design, gorgeous pattern and modern geometric shape make it a great fit with any type of home décor.


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