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Eco-Friendly Cat bed Cave Fits large Cats



Troppipets Large Cat House



Eco Friendly Cat Houses




We love our Troppipets cat diamond house. This bed fits perfectly in our jungle room. I adore the stylish, tropical design on the house and love that it with comfy pillows. My kitty loves hiding and sleeping in there for hours! Thank you!

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We believe that our eco-friendly house should evoke your feline’s instinct and should be part of your everyday life. We use only the best materials that are approved by quality control bodies to ensure that you are completely satisfied.  

Teepee For Cat. Canada
Bath Bed Beyond, Canada

 … We aren’t just another e-commerce website. We are here to add to that fun environment for you and your lovely pet.

I started this brand earlier in 2017 with my cat lover wife. It all got started when we noticed that our feline friends always ignore their fancy expensive beds and are drawn to delivery cardboard boxes and other cozy and safe enclosed where they prefer to stay.

Instead of letting our lovely pet sleepover the delivery boxes, we figured they need something more beautiful and durable... with the help of my talented designer wife , we created our very first unique Eco-friendly cat cardboard bed that can fit our 2 cats and still can last longer than other houses we've bout bought in the past for our cats.




Troppipets  Great Match to Any home Interior 


Easy guideline on how to assemble your Pet House

Cat Hideaway, Canada
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